F-15K - Republic of Korea


Korea will have the world's best multi-role fighter

The F-15E, the foundation of the F-15K offered to the Republic of Korea, is the world's best long-range, multi-role fighter. It's equally adept at air-to-air combat and air-to-ground strikes, in virtually any weather, during the day or at night. With advanced radar and avionics, and technologies such as a helmet-mounted cueing system in its cockpit, the F-15K will be even better.

Proven performance no other FX aircraft offers

The F-15 is the only combat-proven aircraft the Republic is considering. During action in the Balkans and the Persian Gulf it showed its superior ability to perform missions required of the FX.

An established plan to make the best multi-role fighter better

The U.S. Air Force and Boeing have a plan to sustain the F-15 at least through 2030. Korea will have access to new technology and system improvements developed for the U.S. Air Force, keeping its F-15Ks relevant for decades to come.

Unsurpassed Operational Capability Available Now

The F-15 has greater range, payload and speed capabilities than its FX competitors. It will get to a fight, strike with a lethal mix of weapons, and return more effectively than the other FX aircraft.

Established Production Excellence

The F-15 is in production. Current agreements with the U.S. Air Force will keep the F-15E in production at least through 2004. Boeing has built more than 1,500 of all its F-15 models, while fewer than 20 of the other aircraft offered to the Republic have been built.

Global Support

The Republic can tap into the knowledge and experience of F-15 crews and maintainers who have used the aircraft for many years, people who really know what the airplane can do. Only the F-15 offers such a reliable, global maintenance and support network that has proven itself to militaries around the world.