2013 Hornet International Conference

2013 Hornet International ConferenceOn June 3-6, the Hornet Industry Team and the Kuwait Air Force will sponsor the 17th annual Hornet International Conference, a four-day event in Pensacola, Florida. Each year, a current Hornet operator and the Hornet Industry Team co-sponsor this important event. In 2012 the Spanish Air Force sponsored the 16th conference in St. Augustine, Florida. This year, once again, Hornet operators from around the world are planning to attend. "Future Fighting Capability & Interoperability Roadmap" is the theme chosen for this year's conference.

Topics will be presented by experts from each user community and by speakers from the United States Navy. Through this cooperative exchange of ideas, we hope to promote a broader knowledge of the Hornet and its capabilities. In addition, we also hope to create a sense of cooperation among the worldwide Hornet family operator community and, to that end, have planned meetings and social occasions as detailed on the following pages.

Registrants – Please ensure you have submitted a 'conference registration', as well as a 'hotel registration/reservation'. Thank you.