Harpoon launched from ship (Neg#: c12-11378-13)

Technical Specifications
Length: 182.2 in. ship launch, 151.5 in. air launch
Diameter: 13.5 in.
Weight: 1,160 lb. air configuration
1,459 lb. ASROC configuration
1,520 lb. TARTAR configuration
1,523 lb. capsule/canister configuration
Range: In excess of 67 NM
Propulsion: Air-breathing turbojet engine (cruise), solid-propellant booster
Guidance: Terminal: Active Radar
Midcourse: Three axis integrated digital computer/strapdown
attitude reference system
Warhead: Penetration, high-explosive blast
System Elements: Missile - Common for all launch platforms
Booster - Added for surface, submarine and costal defense applications
Launchers - Uses existing equipment or the Harpoon Canister Launcher
Command and Launch System - Provides engagement planning and
launch control
Launch Platforms: Conventional/Nuclear Guided Missile Cruisers (CG/CGN)
Ships Guided Missile Destroyers (DDG)
Destroyers (DD)
Guided Missile Frigates (FFG)
Frigates (FF)
Fast Attack Craft (FPB)
Aircraft P-3 ASW Patrol
S-3 ASW Patrol
F/A-18 Strike Fighter
B-52 Bomber
F-16 Fighter
Submarines Nuclear Attack Submarines (SSN)
Attack Submarines (SS)
Costal Defense Batteries