Lawrence (Larry) M. Kauffman

Director Launch Products & Services

Space Exploration

Lawrence (Larry) M. Kauffman is the Director of Launch Products & Services. In this capacity, he is responsible for two Boeing subsidiaries: Boeing Launch Services and Boeing Commercial Space Company. Boeing Launch Services (BLS) markets and provides Delta Launch Services to the commercial community. BLS procures these services from Boeing's United Launch Alliance (ULA) joint venture. Boeing Commercial Space Company (BCSC) provides the Payload Accommodations and Mission Integration Services to the Sea Launch Company. He is also in charge of Special Space Products programs which provide launch vehicle products and services to ULA.

Kauffman also serves as the Space Exploration Site Director for Huntington Beach, California.

Kauffman began his career with North American Rockwell in El Segundo, California, as a member of the Structural Analysis group on the B-1 Bomber aircraft. He joined the Space Shuttle program in Downey, Calif., in 1979 and has been with the program since the first launch (STS-1).

The majority of his career on the Shuttle program was with the Orbiter Development Project Office, serving in various capacities as Project Engineer, Project Manager, and Chief Project Engineer. The Development Project Office was responsible for defining, developing, and implementing hardware modifications to the Orbiter fleet in support of mission operations. In 1996, Larry was named Associate Program Director for Orbiter Development and was named Space Shuttle Engineering Director in 2001.

In April 2003, Kauffman became the Space Exploration Site Director in Huntington Beach, Calif. In this capacity, he is part of the Space Exploration team that is responsible for all Huntington Beach activities associated with the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station, Exploration Launch Systems, and Commercial Space programs.

Publish date: March 2011
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