Commercial Crew

Safe, Affordable, Soon

Boeing CST-100The Boeing Crew Space Transportation -100 (CST-100) vehicle was developed as part of NASA's Commercial Crew Program. The CST-100 can accommodate up to seven passengers or a mix of crew and cargo and will transport astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) and other Low-Earth-Orbit destinations such as the Bigelow planned station. Featuring an innovative weld-less design and a pressurized vessel that can be reused up to 10 times, the CST-100 capsule features Boeing LED “Sky Lighting,” and tablet technology for crew interfaces.

Key design features of the CST-100 include:

  • Innovative weld-less design that eliminates the structural risks of traditional welds, and reduces mass and production time
  • Pusher abort system that provides safe crew escape throughout the launch phase of the mission; uses flight-proven engines
  • Safe system for landing on land, even with a parachute and airbag out; seat struts to further soften the landing
  • Flight-proven avionics and software, with significant software code re-use and a rendezvous and docking system flight-proven on Orbital Express
  • Emergency systems that enable safe return, even with degraded computer and guidance systems; extensive post-landing crew protection systems; back-up manual control for pilots, just like commercial aircraft
  • Ground systems that benefit from NASA capabilities, with JSC Mission Operations Directorate support to initial flight operations and KSC OPF-3 facility as location for streamlined manufacturing
  • Boeing LED “Sky Lighting” gives the capsule an open sky feeling and more enjoyable experience for passengers
  • Wireless internet to assist with crew communication, entertainment and docking with the ISS
  • Tablet technology eliminates the need for bulky crew manuals

For more information, read the Boeing marketing sheet (PDF)