Delta II Overview

Delta II (Neg#: DAC146674) Delta II rockets can be configured into two-or three-stage vehicles to accommodate a variety of mission requirements.

Payload Options

Vehicles can launch single, dual, or multiple payloads on the same mission. Payload options include:

  • Delivery of 900 to 2,170 kg (1,980 to 4,790 lb) payloads into a geosynchronous transfer orbit (GTO)
  • Delivery of 2.7 to 6.1 metric tons (5,960 to 13,440 lb) to low Earth orbit (LEO
  • Various payload attach fittings
  • Various fairing sizes to enclose and protect payloads:
    • Composite 3-meter (10-feet) diameter
    • Aluminum 2.9-meter (9.5-feet) diameter
    • Stretched composite 3-meter diameter

First-Stage Capabilities and Components

  • All first-stage power options include the Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne RS-27A main engine
  • For additional boost during liftoff, the first stage can be configured for three, four, or nine strap-on graphite epoxy motors (GEMs), depending upon requirements
    • When three or four GEMs are used, all are ignited at liftoff
    • When nine GEMs are used, six are ignited at liftoff, three are lit during flight

Second-Stage Capabilities and Components

The second stage usually delivers payloads into LEO and includes the following:

  • Aerojet AJ10-118K second-stage engine
  • Storable propellant with restart capability
  • Navigation functions (guidance and control) for precise payload deployment, including a redundant inertial flight control assembly

Third-Stage Option

A third stage is usually required for GTO. The third stage utilizes a Thiokol Star-48B solid rocket motor