International Space Station

Science Facilities

Space scienceThe International Space Station is a world-class, state-of-the-art, multipurpose laboratory. It provides an unprecedented gateway to discovery -- for scientific, technological or commercial purposes.

Space investigators from industry, universities and government are able to take advantage of a rich diversity of facilities carried aboard the orbiting complex.

"Remote Telescience" -- meaning an interactive set of data and video links -- offers the ability for scientists on the ground to have a direct connection with their experiments in microgravity.

The men and women who work and live on this permanent orbiting science and technology research base devote themselves to carrying out a diverse set of jobs, from life science and microgravity science studies to Earth science and space science research.

Year-round research is undertaken aboard the International Space Station. Facilities are designed to yield a steady stream of findings from hundreds of high-quality science and technology experiments.