International Space Station

ISS National Lab

NASA's International Space Station implementation plan outlines research areas for which the ISS provides facilities and summarizes its unique research assets as follows:

Space scienceIn addition to its six dedicated laboratory modules, the ISS provides external truss and exposed facility sites to accommodate a broad range of attached payloads for technology, Earth science, and space science experiments. We expect at least a decade of routine research operations aboard the ISS. When this time is multiplied by the number of astronauts on board, the ISS will provide well over 25,000 "crew-days" in orbit.

This uninterrupted, long-term access to space will allow researchers to rapidly acquire the large sets of data necessary to validate new concepts and confirm previously unobserved phenomena. Investigators will be able to make multiple experiment runs in succession, obtaining statistically significant results in a manner of weeks -- even days -- instead of years.

Whether it is improving industrial processes, increasing fundamental knowledge, looking after our health, enabling exploration, or researching tomorrow's products today, ISS research will generate tangible returns as it improves our lives on Earth and in space.

The major research disciplines for which ISS laboratories are designed are:

Implementation Payload Services

Participation in the International Space Station (ISS) National Lab represents a tremendous opportunity to expand the scope of your research. In order to take full advantage of this unique new facility, it is important to partner with a company that understands the complexity of space-related research and is experienced in space flight operations.

Partner With Experience

Boeing provides services, from concept development to implementation, that will help you achieve desired results. Boeing can serve as your ISS interface from helping you clarify your research needs to helping you achieve impressive outcomes. We will work closely with NASA to manage engineering, organizational, and administrative issues, thereby freeing you to focus on science.

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