AUSS - Automatic Ultrasonic Scanning Systems



Automated Ultrasonic Scanning Systems (AUSS) offer an outstanding value for high performance composite inspection in fabrication facilities that require rapid throughput and sophisticated motion control, data acquisition and analysis capabilities. The Boeing family of AUSS products are fully automated c-scan ultrasonic inspection systems that provide an excellent value by combining high throughput, outstanding data acquisition results with unequalled reliability.

System Features:

  • Fully integrated systems for one button scanning operations.
  • Multi-processor configuration systems providing simultaneous operations during scanning.
  • Multiple mechanical configurations available to suit specific needs.
  • Through and pulse echo inspections from each side in a single scan, even on non-parallel surfaces.
  • Seamless re-start, re-scan, sub-scan functions.
  • Part Shape Map rotation for optimized scanning orientation.
  • Compound curve part scanning in any orientation.
  • 3D to 2D Mapping for 1 to 1 Flaw Sizing on curved surfaces, either CAD generated or taught.
  • 40 inch per second scan speeds at 0.04" acquisition intervals on the part.
  • Automated surface tracking for high fidelity pulse echo inspection data of non-repeatable part shapes.
  • Adjustable end-effectors for increased "in-side" reach.


AUSS products are provided as turnkey systems with complete training, documentation, and initial operating period support. The foundation and control room are typically provided by the customer or Boeing can provide this service.

Data System Performance Specifications:

  • 1 to 1 Flaw sizing on Curved Structures.
  • Acquisition spacing from 0.01 inches to over 0.240 inches in increments of 0.001 inches.
  • Through transmission (TTU) and multiple pulse echo (PE) parameters in a single scan pass.
  • 130 dB of useable TTU dynamic range in a single scan pass.
  • PE depth and amplitude parameters from each side, with typical penetration of over 2" GpE.
  • Up to 60 dB fully programmable time corrected gain range.
  • Programmable spike and optional tone burst pulsers.
  • Dual Channels available.
  • Full waveform capture and analysis at production inspection rates available.

Imaging Software Features:

  • Data annotations including the following parameters:
  • Data merge capabilities.
  • Parameter combine functions
  • Automated flaw marking based on image annotations.
  • Hard copy data prints.
  • Archive data storage and retrieval.
  • File Transfer via modem or internet.
  • Tailored Defect Reports available.
  • Point, line, area measurement
  • Histogram calculations

Mechanical Configurations:

  • 13 Axis Dual Robots (AUSS-XVII)
  • 11 Axis Overhead Gantry (AUSS_XIII)
  • 10 Axis Dual Side Bridge (AUSS-X)
  • 10 Axis Dual Tower (AUSS-VIII)
  • 10 Axis Dual Tower (AUSS-VI)
  • 10 Axis Small Overhead Gantry (AUSS XV)
  • 9 Axis Overhead Gantry (AUSS-V, IX)
  • 7 Axis Overhead Gantry (AUSS XIV)

Optional Equipment:

  • 10 to 15' Turntables with Symmetrical and Non-Symmetrical Continuous Rotation Scanning.
  • Automated Parts Positioning Equipment.
  • Manual and Automated Yoke Attachments for scanning co-cured ribs.
  • Cavity probes and scanners for inspecting small cavities and tight radii with pitch motion.
  • Radii scanning heads for inspection of both skin to rib radii simultaneously.

System Support:

  • Operation/maintenance manuals (electronic and hardcopy)
  • St. Louis or On-site operator training
  • One year full system warranty
  • Extended warranties available
  • Electronic support via Internet or Modem.