Simulated Joint Helmet-Mounted Cueing Systems (JHMCS)

Military aircraft all over the globe are currently being equipped with the Boeing-integrated joint helmet-mounted cueing system (JHMCS). This enhancement adds tremendous flexibility and the decided edge to the combat pilot's weapons deployment capability using an intelligent helmet display and tracking system. Boeing TSS has developed the only simulated version of this capability specifically for the training environment. Since early 2006 more than 20 trainers (F-15C, F-15K, F-16, and F/A-18) have been updated with this revolutionary capability.


The Simulated JHMCS provides the pilot trainee with all of the capability afforded by the actual flight JHMCS without the high cost of flight test, and packaged within a convenient simulator environment. The product features:

  • a high-fidelity helmet display presenting 100% of the added alerts and cues provided by the actual flight JHMCS;
  • simulated high off-boresight sensor (HOBS) aiming crosses (puppers) supporting one of the signature weapon deployment capabilities of the JHMCS;
  • compatibility with most common head-tracking systems through minor modification;
  • a high-tech, user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) providing access to system settings, operational status, and troubleshooting aids;
  • requirements compatibility with all training platforms for aircraft currently supporting JHMCS in the field;

Benefits to the training world

The Joint Helmet-Mounted Cueing System brings a whole new complement of tactical capabilities to the military fighter pilot. It is heavily integrated into several of the major weapon delivery systems of the aircraft, making the JHMCS an essential part of the many very important mission scenarios. Without this capability in the trainer, the pilot would be severely hindered in his/her ability to train in the true leading-edge combat role.

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