WorldGen® - Advanced Terrain Model Generation

WorldGen® is an evolving product that leverages both COTS database technologies and internally developed processes from expert database developers and combines them into an easy-to-use database generation environment that is configurable from source to product. WorldGen® allows components such as the Geospatial Data Manager and other disparate tools to talk to one another through a plug-in interface that can be accessed via software programming or high-level scripting languages. Process flows are presented to the user as simple entities that can be configured and connected by dragging and dropping the modules into a graphical workspace.


  • Leverages COTS software
  • Configurable to program needs
  • Building block structure for scalability
  • Deliverable process flows aiding in CM
  • Targeted to diverse user capabilities

For additional information and current pricing contact Dan Bicket:
Phone: (314) 777-4732