University Relations
John Mayo (right) gained real-world experience as an intern with the Apache helicopter Tool Engineering team in Mesa, Ariz. He is shown with manager Gretchen Cook.

In partnering with over 200 universities and higher education institutions around the world, our priority is to provide the very best resources to create meaningful experiences for students who share our passion for aerospace innovation.

We make this investment in support of our most valuable resource - our people - because at Boeing we work as a global team to build something better for our employees, our customers and the world.

Critical to our global reach is a skilled and diverse workforce, so that we can lead Boeing's second century of innovation. That's why you can find us at campuses around the world, partnering with engineers, technologists and business minds to champion careers in science, technology, engineering and math, and fuel the future of aerospace.

To influence the next 100 years of aerospace innovation, we believe that our global partnerships with higher education institutions are critical for preparing today's students with tomorrow's skills. We strategically support education through internships, student projects, research and development, and charitable investments. Partnering to provide hands-on opportunities prepares students to succeed when they join our team to make the next great leaps in aerospace.

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