Air Force One

VC-137C Air Force OneThe long-range version of the Boeing 707-320 intercontinental became the most commonly ordered version of the 707 airliner. Its fuselage was 8 feet longer than the 707-120 and its wingspan was 12 feet longer.

With new turbofan jet engines, the B versions had a range of 6,000 miles, and in 1962, a 707-320B took over the role of U.S. government VIP and presidential transport, designated VC-137C. A second VC-137C was delivered in 1972. These were the first Air Force Ones.

President John F. Kennedy's wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, selected the colors of the first Air Force One, VC-137C. The 707s served as presidential aircraft until they were replaced by 747-200s, designated VC-25, in 1990.

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First flight: Jan. 11, 1959
Model number: 707-320
Classification: Commercial transport
Span: 142 feet 5 inches
Length: 152 feet 11 inches
Gross weight: 316,000 pounds
Cruising speed: 600 mph
Range: 6,000 miles
Ceiling: 41,000 feet
Power: Four 18,000-pound-thrust P&W JT3D turbofan engines
Accommodation: Up to 189 passengers