The Boeing Logbook: 2002 - 2004
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2002 Jan. 24: Ryanair places an order for 100 Boeing Next-Generation 737-800 airplanes.
Feb. 14: Boeing delivers the 1,000th 757.
March 28: Two Boeing satellites are launched: JCSAT-8, a Boeing 601 satellite built for JSAT Corporation, and ASTRA 3A, a Boeing 376 satellite built for SES ASTRA.
March 29: The U.S. Air Force notifies Boeing that it has been selected to proceed in negotiations in a tanker-lease program. Boeing proposes the 767 Tanker Transport.
April 19: The Republic of Korea selects the Boeing F-15K as its F-X fighter aircraft.
May 22: Boeing's X-45A Joint Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle makes its first flight.
June 4: Turkey signs a $1 billion-plus contract with Boeing for the design and development of a 737 Airborne Early Warning & Control System.
June 7: The U.S. Department of Transportation awards a contract to Boeing and Siemens Corp. to install and maintain explosives detection systems at 438 U.S. airports.
June 19: ScanEagle, long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle, makes its first successful autonomous flight.
July 10: Boeing merges the company's space, defense, government, intelligence and communications businesses into one business unit, headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., called Integrated Defense Systems.
Aug. 8: Boeing delivers the 150th T-45 Goshawk training aircraft, a T-45C, to the U.S. Navy.
Oct. 28: Boeing delivers the sixth C-40A Clipper, a modified 737-700 "combi" airplane, to the U.S. Naval Reserve Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 58, based at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Fla.
Oct. 31: The first Project Wedgetail aircraft, a Next Generation 737-700, rolls off the factory line during a ceremony in Renton, Wash.
Dec. 24: China Airlines orders 10 Boeing 747-400s.
2003 Jan. 15: Connexion by BoeingSM service aboard a Lufthansa 747-400 provides commercial airline passengers the chance to experience in-flight broadband Internet access for the first time.
Feb. 24: The 777-300ER completes its first flight.
March 10: The T-45 Goshawk advanced jet trainer surpasses 100,000 flights hours.
March 10: The Delta IV rocket successfully completes its first mission for the U.S. Air Force.
April 4: Boeing signs a contract with Japan to deliver four 767 Tanker Transports.
April 8: Milstar F-6, a military communications satellite for which Boeing Satellite Systems built payload elements as a program subcontractor, is launched from Cape Canaveral, Fla.
April 14: FlightSafety Boeing begins operations under its new name of Alteon.
April 22: Boeing Integrated Defense Systems in St. Louis begins assembly of the first of 40 F-15K aircraft for the Republic of Korea Air Force.
June 11: The U.S. Navy awards Boeing a $11.6 million contract to begin integration of the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS) into the aft cockpits of F/A-18Ds and F/A-18Fs.
June 15: The 7E7 is named "Dreamliner" after approximately 500,000 votes are cast in a promotion with AOL Time Warner to name the new aircraft.
June 20: The 300th Apache Longbow is delivered to the U.S. Army.
July 15: Boeing delivers the 50,000th precision-guided Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) tail kit in a ceremony at the company's St. Charles, Mo., facility.
July 25: Spectrolab Inc., a subsidiary of The Boeing Company, announces that it has achieved a new conversion efficiency for a terrestrial concentrator solar cell -- 36.9 percent.
Aug. 7: Boeing announces that it will build a fourth Boeing 702 satellite for Washington, D.C.-based XM Satellite Radio Inc.
Aug. 28: Boeing is selected for the development and production of the Small Diameter Bomb (SDB).
Sept. 30: Galaxy XIII/Horizons-1, a Boeing 601HP satellite built by Boeing Satellite Systems for Horizons, a joint venture between PanAmSat and Japan's JSAT International, is launched from Sea Launch.
Oct. 16: Boeing announces the decision to cease production of the 757 jetliner in late 2004.
Oct. 27: FAA approval is received for installation of the Jeppesen Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) on the 777.
Dec. 1: Phil Condit resigns as chairman and CEO. Harry C. Stonecipher becomes president and CEO.
Dec. 5: The last St. Louis-built AV-8B Harrier II is delivered.
Dec. 12: Media luminaries Walter Cronkite and David Hartman join a celebration at Boeing Satellite Systems of the 40th anniversary of the world's first geosynchronous communications satellite.
Dec. 16: The board of directors gives the go-ahead to begin offering the 7E7 Dreamliner for sale. It will be redesignated the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Jan. 28, 2005, concurrent with an order from the Peoples' Republic of China for 60 of the airplanes.
Dec. 17: UHF F/O F11, a Boeing 601 military communications satellite built by Boeing Satellite Systems for the U.S. Navy, is launched from Cape Canaveral, Fla.
Dec. 29: The U.S. Navy awards Boeing an $8.6 billion contract for the production of 210 F/A-18 Super Hornets.
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2004 Jan. 7: Boeing launches the 747-400 Special Freighter program with an agreement with Cathay Pacific Airways to convert at least six 747-400 passenger airplanes into freighters.
Jan. 14: Connexion by Boeing announces an expansion of its service offering to include high-speed satellite broadband capability for the maritime industry.
Jan. 19: Boeing delivers the 1,000th Combat Survivor Evader Locator (CSEL) handheld radio unit.
Jan. 23: Boeing will develop a system design and demonstrate critical technologies for a secure, high-capacity global communications network serving the U.S. Department of Defense, NASA and the intelligence community under a $472 million contract awarded by the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center.
Feb. 2: The 200th T-38C Talon jet trainer modified as part of the T-38 Avionics Upgrade Program is delivered.
Feb. 14: The last Inertial Upper Stage payload booster vehicle successfully deploys a U.S. Air Force satellite.
Feb. 23: Singapore Air becomes the first customer for the Boeing Airplane Health Management service, an in-flight airplane monitoring system that will help airlines reduce flight-schedule interruptions.
March 10: Boeing wins a $35 million contract to provide telecommunications services to the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq, using the Boeing-built Thuraya satellite communications system.
April 15: Superbird-6, a Boeing 601 satellite built by Boeing Satellite Systems for Japan's Space Communications Corp., is launched from Cape Canaveral, Fla.
April 18: The Boeing X-45A Unmanned Combat Aircraft drops a guided 250-pound weapon on target from its internal weapons bay at 35,000 feet.
April 26: Boeing launches the 787 Dreamliner program with an order for 50 787s from All Nippon Airways (ANA).
April 30: The last 757-300 is delivered.
May 4: The 7,000th Harpoon missile is delivered.
May 14: With the delivery of a 737-800 to ATA Airlines, Boeing's Next-Generation 737 family reaches 1,500 deliveries in less time than any other commercial airplane family, only six years after delivery of the first model.
June 8: Boeing begins assembly of its Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems (J-UCAS) X-45C aircraft.
June 14: A Boeing-led industry team is awarded a $3.89 billion contract to build the Multi-mission Maritime Aircraft (MMA).
Aug. 9: Boeing signs a $6.4 billion agreement with the U.S. Army for the System Development and Demonstration phase of the Future Combat Systems Program.
Aug. 26: Boeing delivers the 500th AH-64D Apache Longbow multirole combat helicopter.
Sept. 8: Boeing Satellite Systems receives a contract to build three Boeing 702 model satellites for DIRECTV.
Sept. 28: Final assembly begins on the first 777-200LR, which will fly farther than any other commercial jetliner.
Oct. 3: Donald W. Douglas Jr., former president of the Douglas Aircraft Co., dies at age 87.
Oct. 28: Boeing marks the completion of its 757 commercial airplane program as the 1,050th and final 757 rolls off the production line.
Nov. 16: The X-43 Hyper-X research vehicle, designed by Boeing Phantom Works, demonstrates that an air-breathing engine can fly at nearly 10 times the speed of sound.
Dec. 3: The 500th 777 is rolled out. The 777 will reach 500 airplanes delivered faster than any other twin-aisle airplane in history.
Dec. 21: The Delta IV Heavy rocket makes its first flight.
Dec. 21: Boeing signs a $549 million contract with the U.S. Army for 17 new-build CH-47F Chinook helicopters, the largest Chinook order by any customer since the mid-1980s.
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