The Early Years: 1927-1938

The Boeing Airplane Co. ... Airplanes and Airlines

The Boeing United Aircraft Transport Corp. also incorporated Chance Vought, manufacturer of Navy fighter observation aircraft; Hamilton Metalplane Co., propeller manufacturer; planemakers Sikorsky and Northrop (owned by Jack Northrop); Standard Steel Propeller; Stout Airlines; National Air Transport; and Varney Airlines.

In 1931, UATC shut down Northrop's activities and consolidated them with Stearman in Wichita. Jack Northrop joined forces with Boeing rival Donald Douglas and formed a new company at El Segundo, Calif., with Douglas owning 51 percent of the shares.

Within the Boeing enterprise, the airlines, including Boeing Air Transport, were known as United Air Lines, providing coast-to-coast service. The vast corporation was building aircraft and their components, delivering mail, maintaining airports, and running airlines across the country. Its pilots and mechanics were trained at a special facility, the Boeing School of Aeronautics, in Oakland, Calif.

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