Higher, Faster, Farther: 1970-1996

The Boeing Company ... Building a Web

During the 1980s, Boeing Computer Services headquarters were on a 90-acre site in Bellevue, Wash. The organization also served the federal government from a large facility in Vienna, Va.

BCS designed, installed and operated a nationwide telecommunications network for NASA and provided voice, data, facsimile and full-motion video across the network using the CRAY X-MP supercomputer.

By the mid-1990s, BCS had 13,000 employees and had developed computerized manufacturing and business systems, as well as technologies for electronic mock-up, supercomputing and artificial intelligence. There were six BCS data centers and a telecommunications management center.

Contracts included NASA technical and management information systems for the Space Station Freedom, which was never built but later formed part of the basis for the International Space Station; New York City's intra-agency data communications network; Alabama's statewide supercomputer network; a subcontract to upgrade the government's telephone system to a digital voice, data and video communications network; and a contract with NASA to design and install a fully integrated digital communications network to serve its business, administrative and engineering activities.

BCS began winding down its involvement in the Federal Communications System contract by the end of 1991 but continued to support operations within Boeing. On April 17, 1995, BCS became part of Boeing Information and Support Services to encompass the rapidly developing range of information technologies.

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