Higher, Faster, Farther: 1970-1996

McDonnell Douglas Corp. ... Computing Products

The McDonnell Douglas McAuto division used computing technologies to solve production problems and to provide consulting and systems services for companies involved in banking, healthcare, wholesaling and retailing.

By 1979, with customers in 44 industries and located in 52 different cities, McAuto had 5,113 employees and $239,329,000 in equipment. During the first six months of 1979, it made almost $169 million in sales.

By 1990, competition from new suppliers of computer hardware and software affected McDonnell Douglas profits. The company decided to concentrate its energies on building aircraft and spacecraft and, in 1991, sold most of its information systems business, including Unigraphics -- pioneer in CAD/CAM design -- to Electronic Data Systems Corp.

In 1993, McDonnell Douglas sold all its remaining computing business, Information Systems International, marking the end of the enterprise that began in 1960 with the formation of McAuto.

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