Higher, Faster, Further: 1970-1996

Rockwell International ... Joining the Boeing Family

The company's reorganization in 1984 merged the divisions of Rocketdyne, Atomics International and the Engineering Technology Engineering Center into North American Space Division and the Satellite Division. The focus continued to be aircraft modifications, aerostructures and advanced aircraft, including the AC-130U Gunship, which completed 164.5 hours of test flight at Edwards Air Force Base by the end of 1991.

The company's space systems, aircraft division, Rocketdyne, Autonetics, missile systems, aircraft modification and other units joined The Boeing Company in 1996.

Boeing and North American had worked side by side for over 60 years, building aircraft to defend the nation and cooperating on major space programs such as the Apollo program, the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station.

The company's employees continue to chart new territory, committed to the visions and goals established by Dutch Kindelberger and Lee Atwood and now meshed with the vision of The Boeing Company as a global enterprise with a significant geographical spread in its operations.

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