Now Commercially Available From Boeing:

2NA Nesting Software

The 2NA (2-stage Nesting Algorithm) program is efficient, robust software for placing irregular part shapes on stock sheets with minimum material usage. The software is adaptable to a wide range of applications and is easily implemented in manufacturing systems.

  • 2NA is efficient because it uses a sophisticated 2-stage algorithm, first grouping selected parts into larger clusters, then placing the clusters on the material sheets. This unique approach combines two near-optimal algorithms.
  • 2NA has been used in production for sheet metal, airplane floor panels, graphite composite fabric, and insulation blankets. It is a critical component of two major Boeing manufacturing applications.
  • 2NA is adaptable because it accepts very general part descriptions. The 2NA data structure works with any part that can be defined by a collection of vertices connected by straight lines or curves. The data structure allows inner boundaries that describe holes in a part and supports nesting in cutouts.
  • 2NA comes as a collection of C-language routines and is easily incorporated into any manufacturing or development environment.

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