BCSLIB Software

History & Future

The BCSLIB Library of Mathematical/Statistical subprograms began in the mid-1960s as a small collection of programmed algorithms coded in Fortran-IV to run on the IBM-7094, Univac 107/1108 and CDC-6000-series hardware. For nearly 40 years, that collection of subprograms has expanded to include new and better algorithms, a wider area of mathematical and engineering coverage, and a much larger choice of computing hardware. In addition, as computing languages have developed we have provided library capabilities programmed in those new languages (not just wrappers that interface to the Fortran-77 library). The BCSLIB library of subprograms is currently available in Fortran-77, Fortran-90, C and C++.

Over the years, parts of BCSLIB have been used in the design and development of all major Boeing aircraft and aerospace products. The engineering demands made on BCSLIB by those Boeing projects have forced continuing improvement and refinement in the routines within BCSLIB. The routines have been thoroughly tested, first by the rigorous testing procedures required before a routine can be added to BCSLIB, and subsequently by multiple Boeing engineers and scientists in their applications of BCSLIB routines.

In the future, we expect to continue to agressively pursue new mathematical capabilities while providing BCSLIB in more languages, such as JAVATM and Visual BasicTM, and more environments, such as EXCELTM and MATLABTM. But, that is only the begining!

Join the BCSLIB family of users and have Boeing help you fly into the future!

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