BCSLIB Software

BCSLIB Mathematical/Statistical Library

Now Commercially Available From Boeing:

BCSLIB is Boeing's library of easy-to-use mathematical and statistical software building blocks, covering all significant branches of numerical mathematics. BCSLIB has been used on Boeing projects from the design and development of the 747 airplane to the development of new high-speed machining processes for tomorrow's aerospace vehicles. BCSLIB is an effective and efficient suite of software tools for the development of application programs and for the solution of engineering and scientific problems.

Use the software tools used by Boeing! BCSLIB is a carefully developed and thoroughly tested software package, with one of the world's largest industrial mathematics group backing it.

The user of this library of software enjoys the advantage of software that has been developed by Boeing teams of experts in mathematics, statistics, computer science, physics and engineering. The library reflects nearly four decades of Boeing's expertise in providing software and associated support services. The library is continually being enhanced with new software that incorporates technically current algorithms.

All BCSLIB software has a common look and feel.

Contact our Boeing representative (Howard Lohr, 425-373-2923, howard.c.lohr@boeing.com ) for more details.

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