BCSLIB Software

Product Features

The purchase of a BCSLIB Mathematical/Statistical Library license includes the following features:

Software Object Library

The object libraries of BCSLIB are specifically coded for best accuracy using your specific hardware platform and compiler. See Languages and Hardware for a list of machines and compilers currently available for the languages Fortran-77, Fortran-90, C and C++.


A complete electronic copy (Adobe Acrobat PDF format) of the BCSLIB documentation describing, in detail, the algorithm and usage for each subprogram in BCSLIB. Sample programs (source code in text format) are also included.


Consultation is available by a toll-free phone call or via E-Mail. Our consultation service is backed up by the same team of experts who authored BCSLIB and continue to author new BCSLIB subprograms.


See the Contact Information page for more information.

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