Math & Information Software

Now Commercially Available From Boeing:

Boeing Mathematics and Information Software, developed by Boeing Research & Technology, contains these advanced software packages, available separately or together:

  • BCSLIB-EXT is a Gordon Bell Award winning Fortran-77 library of powerful mathematical software modules for solving large linear algebra problems.
  • BCSLIB is a high quality, robust, mathematical kernels library of powerful mathematical software modules for a broad range of mathematical problems. BCSLIB has over thirty years of development and testing and continues an aggressive development heritage.
  • 2NA (2-stage Nesting Algorithm) program is efficient, robust software for placing irregular part shapes on stock sheets with minimal material usage.
  • Simplified English Checker helps technical writers check their documents for compliance with AECMA(European Association of Aerospace Industries) Simplified English, a writing standard for aerospace maintenance documentation.
  • VPS(Voxmap PointShell) software library tackles complex design-analysis problems involving maintainability and producibility. It rapidly detects and responds to virtual-object collisions in a task simulation, thereby preventing virtual objects from passing through each other. This includes 6-DOF haptic simulation, which is so powerful and intuitive that weeks of otherwise tedious analysis work may be performed in seconds. VPS has unrivaled scalability, enough to handle virtual scenarios containing tens of millions of polygons.
  • IISS (Intelligent Iterative Solver Service) uses many public domain software packages and our own iterative solver package to solve very large sparse matrix problems. The Boeing Math Group has mastered a wide range of iterative methods and preconditioners. We have experience in applying these to a wide range of applications areas from inside and outside of Boeing. The Intelligent Iterative Solver Service provides access to this wealth of experience for tuning and/or customizing an iterative solver for your application. The net result should be a faster more robust solution process for your application.
  • SOCS (Sparse Optimal Control Software) is general-purpose software for solving optimal control problems. Applications include trajectory optimization, chemical process control and machine tool path definition. SOCS also includes a separate Sparse Nonlinear Programming capability that exploits state-of-the-art sparse linear algebra technology to solve very large optimization problems orders of magnitude faster than traditional methods. The Sparse Nonlinear Programming software is available as an integral part of SOCS or as a separate package.
BCSLIB-EXT Copyright © 1993-2003 The Boeing Company. All rights reserved.
BCSLIB Copyright © 1978-2003 The Boeing Company. All rights reserved.
2-stage Nesting Algorithm (2NA) is Copyright © 2002-2003 The Boeing Company. All rights reserved.
Voxmap PointShell (VPS) Copyright © 2003 The Boeing Company. All rights reserved.