Simplified English Checker

Checker for ASD Simplified Technical English Now Available From Boeing

Boeing offers an ASD Simplified Technical English Checker with the following features:

  • The Boeing Simplified English Checker (BSEC) helps technical writers check their documents for compliance with ASD (AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe) Simplified Technical English, a writing standard for aerospace maintenance documentation.
  • The BSEC Vocabulary Management System allows users to add new technical vocabulary and modify advice contained in its internal dictionary and thesaurus.
  • The BSEC Vocabulary Profiler gives writers and editors text mining tools such as a word frequency profiler and concordance generator.
  • The BSEC STE Tutor helps users improve STE writing skills.
  • Specification ASD-STE100 in HTML format is included in our product.STE training is available for technical writers.

Contact our Boeing representative (Howard Lohr, 425-373-2923, for more details.