Sparse Optimal Control Software (SOCS)


Platform and Operating System Requirements

SOCS is supported on most UNIX and Windows systems. The software is supported on most major platforms with at least 14 decimal digits of precision, which on most systems means double precision. This software and all lower-level support routines are written in ANSI-Standard FORTRAN 77. The software consists of approximately 550 subroutines requiring approximately 4.5MB of storage, excluding storage required for user's application. Please contact the Boeing representative to discuss your particular environment.

Licensing Options

Software in the SOCS family can be licensed annually or for an extended period.

Annual Licensing -- The initial annual license fee includes software use, one set of documentation, telephone support and software updates for one year. The annual renewal fee includes license use, software and documentation updates, and telephone support for an additional annual period.

The SOCS software family can be licensed for a single user, multiple users, or for an entire site. A special "embedded" license can also be purchased when SOCS is used as part of another software product.

License Management

The SOCS software family includes a license manager. The right to transfer the license may be restricted. Please contact the Boeing representative for more information on license transfers and possible cost of such transfers.

More Information

More information is available on the following topics by contacting a Boeing representative:

  • Volume discounts.
  • Upgrades.
  • Documentation.
  • SOCS training sessions.

Also, a brief presentation about SOCS is available.