Voxmap PointShell Software

Voxmap PointShell (VPS) Software Library

Voxmap PointShellTM (VPSTM) software will help you solve certain difficult geometry-related computing problems faster, more efficiently, and more scalably than comparable products. Examples include detecting when two moving objects collide in a computer simulation, or even when they come within a certain distance of each other.

In a Virtual Reality environment, VPS ensures that colliding objects bounce and slide on contact instead of passing pointlessly through each other. This problem is so difficult that the capability is either absent or very limited in today's VR systems. However, VPS solves this problem at a speed that satisfies even the extreme requirements of force-feedback devices, which in turn enables the VR user to touch, feel, and manipulate virtual objects.

VPS source code is now available for licensing to qualified software and hardware developers. For further details, please visit the other links below.

Contact our Boeing representative (Howard Lohr, 425-373-2923, howard.c.lohr@boeing.com ) for more details.

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