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U.S. Benefits Overview

Boeing offers market-leading benefits to U.S. employees. Learn more about Boeing’s health, well-being and retirement benefits.

Benefits Highlights

Our benefits cover you, your loved ones, your career and your future. Here are a few highlights that set Boeing’s benefits apart from other companies.

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U.S. Benefits

Health and Insurance Benefits

We at Boeing recognize that employees who are not distracted by health and financial worries are more effective on the job. To support our workforce, we offer a wide variety of health, life and other insurance benefits that allow employees to choose the coverage best suited to their and their families' needs.

Medical Coverage

Most Boeing locations offer more than one option for medical coverage to allow employees to choose the plan that meets their needs. These may include a traditional medical plan, a high-deductible plan with a health savings account option, an HMO, or in some locations, an accountable care organization-type plan. Medical plan offerings vary across the company, but all medical plans include:

  • Coverage for certain preventive care services, such as annual physicals and well baby care, generally at little or no cost to the employee.
  • Coverage for doctor visits, surgery and hospital care.
  • Vision coverage for routine eye examinations, glasses and contacts.
  • Prescription drug coverage, including retail and mail-order options.
  • Coverage for mental health and substance abuse services.

Dental Coverage

Boeing offers dental coverage to help employees and their families pay for dental care and orthodontia services. Like medical plans, dental plans also vary across the company.

Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

To protect employees and their families in the event of death or serious injury, Boeing automatically provides basic life, basic AD&D and business-travel accident insurance. Some employees also have the option to purchase additional life insurance and/or AD&D insurance if it meets their needs. For union-represented employees, life and AD&D insurance benefits vary by collective bargaining agreement.

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance

Nonunion employees automatically receive basic short-term and long-term disability insurance and have the option to purchase additional long-term disability insurance if interested. For union-represented employees, short-term and long-term disability benefits vary by collective bargaining agreement.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Boeing offers a health care flexible spending account and a dependent care flexible spending account to allow individuals to pay for eligible health care expenses (including many over-the-counter medications) and dependent care expenses (including child and elder care) on a pretax basis, which helps reduce income taxes. Certain union-represented employees are not eligible for the health care flexible spending account, nor the dependent care flexible spending account.

Retirement Benefits

Boeing helps employees plan for their future by offering a marketing-leading retirement benefit program to supplement Social Security benefits and personal savings. The elements of Boeing retirement benefits vary based on hire date; for union-represented employees, benefits also vary by collective bargaining agreement.

Most newly hired nonunion and certain union-represented employees receive automatic company contributions into the company’s 401(k) plan (regardless of whether the employee saves part of his or her pay into the plan). Additionally, Boeing matches a percentage of most employees' savings each pay period to help grow their savings. Employees are 100 percent vested in both their savings and the company contributions at all times. The plan offers a variety of investment funds that employees can use to diversify their account, as well as lifecycle funds targeted to specific retirement dates). Risk levels range from conservative to aggressive.

Paid Time off


All salaried new hires and rehires have their vacation account pre-loaded with one half of their first year accrual at the time of hire. The normal accrual process starts during the seventh month of employment. Vacation hours grow until they reach the vacation accrual maximum. Boeing employees represented by a union accrue vacation each week or according to the schedule in their collective bargaining agreement.


Boeing provides paid time off for 12 standard holidays, including a winter break between December 24 and January 1. The winter break is for the benefit of employees and the business and is offered in lieu of certain other government holidays. Holiday schedules may vary according to observance of holidays at customer or international locations.

Sick Leave

Employees are awarded up to 80 hours per year, with half of any unused balance at the end of the year rolling over to their unused sick leave account for possible future use. Sick Leave can be used for personal illness, family illness, and bereavement leave.

Leave With Pay

Employees receive time off with pay for jury duty and temporary military service. Boeing pays the difference between base salary and military pay.

Well Being Programs

Boeing offers a variety of programs and resources to help employees focus on their overall well-being. Among the resources we offer are a health and well-being newsletter; confidential health screenings; an employee assistance program; flu vaccine programs; and smoking cessation, fitness and weight management programs and coaching.

Educational Benefits and Opportunities

Boeing offers a wealth of career development tools and resources, both on- and off-site, to help employees enhance their job performance and skills. Employees can pursue online and in-class training that’s vital to their current job or work toward completing a relevant degree program.

Learning Together Program

The pursuit of learning is fundamental to the company's position as a global leader in aerospace. Via the Learning Together Program, Boeing funds employees’ college tuition, books and fees for degree and professional certificate programs and even individual courses at high-quality schools.

Onsite and On-the-Job Training

It is in everyone's interest for employees to feel as comfortable and knowledgeable about their job as they possibly can. On-Hours training provides employees with opportunities to participate in learning that can improve their skills, enhance their job performance and satisfaction as well as stimulate their intellectual development. On-Hours training opportunities help employees gain the skills and information they need to perform their current or upcoming work assignments.

Employee Performance Incentive Plans

A high-performance culture is critical to Boeing's future. We want our employees to be actively engaged in seeking customer-focused solutions to grow the business and boost economic profit. Employee efforts, creativity and commitment are key to the company's continued growth and success. In recognition of their contributions, Boeing may award annual performance-based incentives and/or other individual forms of recognition.

Our employee incentive plans provide annual cash bonuses to eligible employees in the first quarter of the year if the company achieves and/or exceeds annual economic profit objectives the previous year. Targets are very demanding and track with our goal to provide total shareholder returns within the top quartile of S&P 500 companies.

Currently, most of Boeing's non-management employees are eligible for one of several employee incentive plans. Employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement are eligible for annual incentives if the terms of the collective bargaining agreement provide for participation. Managers participate in a performance-based incentive plan separate from non-management employees.


Note: Every effort has been made to provide an accurate summary of the programs, policies, and benefits described above. The material provided here about company policies, procedures, and benefits is for informational purposes only; it does not constitute a contract or contractual obligation. Certain eligibility provisions apply to each of the programs, policies, and benefits; not all of these provisions are described here. In the event of a conflict between the above information and any of the official plan documents, policies, or procedures, the terms of the official plan documents, policies, or procedures, as applicable, will control. The Boeing Company reserves the right to change, modify, amend, or terminate any or all of the provisions of the plans, policies, or procedures, at any time and for any reason for employees, former employees, retirees, and their dependents and/or beneficiaries.

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