Manufacturing Profiles

Hear what our manufacturing professionals have to say about Boeing.

Joseph E. Young

Joseph E. Young

Everett, Washington

"As a mechanic and now a team lead, my passion is leading and mentoring teams—and working on airplanes. But I also love working on cars! I started working on cars in my dad’s engine rebuild shop when I was only 13 years old. Seeking more financial security, I started working at Boeing nearly 25 years ago.

Working on cars and airplanes has a lot of similarities. And while it requires a mechanical aptitude, it’s often the teamwork that brings the most rewards. I’ve worked regularly on the 777 since the very first airplane. I’ve touched every system from wing tip to wing tip and from nose to tail."

Eileen Adams

Eileen Adams

Quality Systems Specialist
Boeing South Carolina

“My background as a certified quality engineer helped me get my foot in the door at Boeing. I knew nothing about airplanes or aerospace. I had 13 years working with medical devices. My knowledge about quality management and quality systems was enough to bring me here.

My role is to support the production of airplane parts and to make sure our people are compliant, that they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing, that they’re qualified to do the job, that they follow a process. I am here to support them.

My job is to ensure that our two business units are compliant to our processes and procedures. I’ve also taken over training. I’ve been given a lot of different things to do within the quality organization and not be stuck in one job.

One of the things I’m most proud of working on is implementing standard work. When you do standard work, you give someone a one-page process to build that part. Everyone is trained and qualified to do that job. There isn’t a compliance finding because they didn’t know how to navigate through the system. I can see the benefit of the project.”

Jason Nero

Jason Nero

Avionics Electronic Technician
San Antonio, Texas

“I’m an avionics tech, and I really enjoy working on the C-17. I do a lot of wire installations, anything from upgrades to new lighting systems. There are so many different configurations to this aircraft. I get to work on all of it. It can be a puzzle, and it’s sometimes challenging. I think that’s what makes it fun.

One of the special things about working in San Antonio is we’re not assembly line maintenance. We do everything here. Sometimes we do light structure work. Every avionics person is basically a mechanic, too. We all have to evolve to do different jobs.

One of my favorite projects is being a safety champion. We make sure we’re doing all we can to be the safest we can be. Sometimes people have genuine concerns and questions about things, but they don’t really get a chance to address them because we’re so caught up in the rhythm of the maintenance. We try to take the stigma out of asking certain questions.

I’ve been recognized on this team as the subject matter expert. I’m the go-to person for whatever we’re working on. But my proudest moment is being on a self-sufficient team. When you have good people around you, it’s not work anymore.”

Chris Wang

Chris Wang

737 Engine Mechanic
Renton, Washington

"I love that I'm working on the engine, a vital part of the airplane. We prepare the 737 engine for the airplane. It comes to us from GE and we install all the Boeing parts before the engine gets attached to the wing-hydraulic plumbing, exhaust nozzles and fuel lines. I love the flow and seeing the airplane in progress. I get to see most aspects of the build process, from the airplane fuselage coming off the train, to the airplane rolling out the door. We do four engines a day, every day.

But I'm also the shop's foreign object debris (FOD) and tool lead, and I help keep my shop compliant with Boeing standards. Any item—metal shavings, a rag or a tool—can end up as FOD and potentially damage the airplane. I have talked with the other mechanics about ways to make their jobs easier and better using items such as special FOD trays, or making trays to shadow their tools while working on the engine and being able to place those directly in the toolbox at the end of the day. To me, it's all about pride in my job, pride in what I do and personal responsibility. When I see a 737 fly overhead, I love that I had something to do with that."

Daniel L. Johnson

Daniel L. Johnson

Moonshine Shop, Prototyping, Mechanic
Renton, Washington

"I was a mechanic before I joined the Moonshine Shop, and so are most of the others on our team. It’s an advantage when we talk with mechanics about improvements. They know we understand what they’re talking about because of our experience. Anytime I walk through the factory, somebody will grab me and ask if we can help with an installation problem, training aids or safety, or ask for help in figuring out how to reduce defects or make the job easier to perform.

No matter what projects we work on, we try to come up with different ideas. We’ve been through a lot of training to learn to think outside the box. When we attend improvement workshops, we challenge others to come up with ideas as well. We know there’s got to be another way, or three or four or 10 different ways. We want the best way. And we want to help them find that way. Basically, if there are things that the people on the floor need, whether it’s help with a design or redesign of a tool or if they just have an idea that will help them do their job better, we can help.

For us, it’s worth all the work when we see the mechanics, with smiles on their faces, using what we’ve built for them."

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