Boeing Field Service representatives, above all else, are focused on customer satisfaction. Their job is to represent customers to our company and to represent Boeing to our customers. They make up a highly skilled team of engineers, mechanics, pilots, and managers who know how to solve problems.

Our Field Service representatives work out of 161 bases around the world to support more than 800 operators in 63 countries. They may be called on at any time to assist operators in repairing any of the approximately 10,500 Boeing commercial airplanes in service. Needless to say, these 324 representatives who work for 11 regional directors must be expertly trained and equipped with the best tools available.

Over the coming years, we expect the technology we use to serve our customers will improve dramatically. BOECOM, our high-tech communications link between the Customer Support organization (including both Puget Sound and Long Beach personnel) and Field Service representatives, continues to reach new milestones in speed, capacity, functionality, and database size. Digital data is rapidly replacing paper maintenance documents through such tools as Boeing On-Line Data (BOLD), the Portable Maintenance Aid (PMA), and the Portable Document Query System (PDQS). Our Field Service, Service Engineering, and Spares personnel are using improved telecommunications technology 24 hours a day to provide the fastest possible service to our global customer base.

Our biggest challenge over the past two years resulted from the merger of Boeing with McDonnell Douglas. We needed to combine the Field Service operations of these two great companies into one without disrupting the quality of service. The integration plan included giving 60 Douglas representatives initial training in Boeing models and 100 Boeing representatives initial training in Douglas models. And this was just the first step in cross-training.

Training, testing, and innovation are part of a continuing practice at Boeing. In general, our Field Service people relocate at least once every five years to meet changing business requirements. This also keeps them fresh and energized. Our work is based on well-planned processes that are updated as our industry changes. We have trained our service and sales people to pursue common goals in achieving customer satisfaction. In addition, our Field Service organization, working with several engine manufacturers and airplane component suppliers, took the lead in developing the seamless field service support initiative, which we discussed in AERO no. 4. This initiative ensures that all representatives assigned to a customer work together as a team in support of Boeing- and Douglas-designed airplanes.

At Boeing, we know that listening to our customers provides the best guide for charting our future course. To help us stay on the course that best meets your requirements, I encourage you to bring your ideas to your local Field Service representative or to our Seattle offices.

Denes Kalotay
Field Service
Boeing Commercial

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