Table 1.Cargo-Compartment Class On Being- and Douglas-Designed Airplanes
Model Lower cargo compartment Main cargo compartment
707 Class D Class E
707-320C Class D Class E
717 Class C Not required
727 Class D Not required
727-C/QC Class D Class E
737-100/-200/-300/-400/-500 (line no. 1-3078 Class D Not required
737-300/-400/-500 (line no. 3079 and higher) Class C Not required
737-600/-700/-800 (line no. 1-90) Class D Not required
737-600/-700/-800 (line no. 91 and higher) Class C Not required
737-C/QC Class D Class E
747 Class C Not required
747 Combi enhanced Class C Class E
747-200F Class E Class E
747-400F Class C Class E
757 Class C Not required
757F Class E Class E
767 Class C Class E
767F Class E Not required
767GMF Class C Class E
777 Class C Not required
DC-8 Class D Not required
DC-9 Class D Not required
DC-10 Class C or D Class E
DC-10F Class C or D Class E
MD-80 Class D Not required
MD-90 Class D Not required
MD-11 Class C Not required
MD-11F Class C Class E

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