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MyBoeingFleet.com is a business-to-business web site (fig. 1) offered to airplane owners and operators as well as maintenance, repair, and overhaul centers. It provides online access to a wide range of Boeing products and services, from maintenance documents and engineering drawings to parts purchasing and flight operations manuals (fig. 2).

MyBoeingFleet helps customers increase operational efficiency and productivity by offering

  1. Digital documentation.
  2. Technology-aided collaboration.
  3. Integrated information.
  4. Self-service environment.
  5. Enhanced customer processes.
  6. Customized views.
  7. Hosted customer content.
  8. Robust infrastructure.


MyBoeingFleet contains an electronic library of technical documentation, including engineering drawings and maintenance manuals for Boeing commercial airplanes. This digital library benefits operators in several ways.

  • Operators' technical publication departments can migrate from paper-based documents to a digital environment where they can simplify storage, maintenance, and distribution processes.
  • Users can be sure that they are viewing the latest information because information on MyBoeingFleet always is up to date. For example, FLEET TEAM™ Digest provides current status on more than 2,000 in-service issues, with approximately 20 new or revised documents being published each workday.
  • Operators can use MyBoeingFleet search mechanisms to quickly find the documents they need and locate resources of which they may not have been aware.


With applications such as electronic discussion groups, MyBoeingFleet encourages collaboration in ways never before possible. The FLEET TEAM™ Resolution Process bulletin board allows airlines to post major issues and comment on postings by other airlines (fig. 3). This online forum serves as a virtual meeting place where airlines and Boeing can discuss service issues. (See FLEET TEAM™ Initiative for Improved Customer Service,” Aero no. 11, July 2000.) For each airplane model, a committee of representatives from Boeing and the airlines reviews posted comments and determines which items require immediate resolution. Airlines communicate solutions to Boeing that are acceptable in terms of operator cost and schedules.

Another electronic bulletin board was launched late last year to address emerging safety-related issues. Boeing uses the FLEET TEAM™ Emerging Issues bulletin board to quickly canvass customers worldwide about potential airworthiness concerns and then provides the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration with an action plan and an industrywide recommendation based on increased airline participation. (Before this forum was established, Boeing obtained feedback formally from only a limited group of customers in accordance with Air Transport Association process 111.)

Another example of technology-aided collaboration through MyBoeingFleet involves the Longer Range 777 Working Together team. Boeing and a number of participating owners and operators have a dedicated site, which can be accessed through MyBoeingFleet, that helps the global team track design changes and store documents.

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MyBoeingFleet integrates information so that users can readily navigate from one area of the site to another, thereby saving time and helping to ensure that transactions are accurate. For example, if a user searches Boeing service bulletins and then wants parts purchasing information, an automated linkage helps the user identify relevant parts, obtain part information (e.g., part descriptions, inventory, and interchangeability), and order the parts (fig. 4).


MyBoeingFleet provides users with a number of self-service tools that enable them to use the site to do business directly with Boeing. For instance, customers can use the Repair and Exchange Services product to find Boeing service centers, where Boeing avionics and
components can be sent for repair (fig. 5). Users also can search the Repair Capability database by entering the part number or partial part number of the component to be repaired. In addition, users can inquire about parts not currently listed in the database and find information on component exchange programs, customized training, and consulting services.

The Technical Media Tracking application (fig. 5) allows operators to view their distribution plan and revision schedules for Boeing commercial airplane technical documentation. Operators can view a list of the documents they receive, including the delivery format (e.g., paper, microfilm, digital, online), and determine quantities being sent to a particular shipping address. Technical Media Tracking also allows operators to check and update shipping information, track shipments, and update addresses on line. In addition, it allows them to list all online maintenance and repair products that are available over the Internet through MyBoeingFleet.

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The Data and Services Catalog (fig. 5) is another self-service tool available through MyBoeingFleet. Customers can view, search, and order available Boeing materials, services, and other items that apply to the operation, maintenance, and repair of Boeing airplanes. Boeing technical media, flight operations materials, maintenance and repair documents, provisioning software, service bulletins, and videotapes also are available for online ordering or purchasing.


Operators can use MyBoeingFleet to streamline traditional processes, which saves time and improves accuracy. For instance, customers can use the warranty claims application (fig. 6) to submit online warranty claims for airplanes and purchased, Boeing-designed spare parts. Online filing minimizes the chances for error and can reduce the typical seven-day processing cycle by as many as two days. Users also can generate reports, track the status of claims, and identify their warranty contact through an online look-up function.

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The MyBoeingFleet home page can be customized for individuals and groups of users. For example, a user can request to be notified when specific service bulletins and updates are released. MyBoeingFleet searches the site for documents that meet these criteria and lists them on the user's MyBoeingFleet home page under the heading “Notices” (fig. 1).


Customers can house their customized manuals, revisions, and documents alongside Boeing data on MyBoeingFleet. They then can deliver that information electronically to select individuals or groups at their company through the MyBoeingFleet infrastructure. MyBoeingFleet features—such as searching, document management, customizable views, usage metrics, e-mail notification, and 24-hour support—also apply to hosted customer content.

Boeing also can help operators convert paper documents and other legacy data into industry-standard digital document formats, which then can be hosted on MyBoeingFleet.


Access to content hosted on MyBoeingFleet is ensured through a geographically dispersed computing infrastructure that provides multiple points of entry to the Boeing knowledge base. To ensure availability and security, Boeing monitors infrastructure performance, conducts security audits, and applies proven technology and operational management processes. Boeing also uses a network of service providers to extend monitoring capability, improve problem identification, and expedite problem resolution.





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MyBoeingFleet is a secure business-to-business site on the World Wide Web that provides customers with a single point of entry to Boeing information and services. It offers continuous access to an ever-increasing number of engineering drawings, flight operations, materials, maintenance documents, and other types of information essential to the ownership, operation, and maintenance of Boeing airplanes. With up-to-date, secure information, MyBoeingFleet helps operators increase their efficiency and productivity and makes it easier for them to do business with Boeing. Key features and benefits include an electronic library of technical documentation, online forums that promote technical collaboration among customers and Boeing, integrated information for easy site navigation, self-service tools, streamlined processes (e.g., online filing of warranty claims), customized views, and hosted customer content.

Editor's note: To gain access to MyBoeingFleet.com, contact Boeing Digital Data Customer Support by e-mail at DDCS@boeing.com or call 206-544-9990.


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