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Persepective - Larry GeistTo expedite the processing of airplane warranty claims from our airline customers, Boeing launched an online warranty claim service on the web portal in August of last year. This new service allows airline employees to enter pertinent information directly into the warranty claim section of MyBoeingFleet by using “point and click” options.

The online service eliminates the need for Boeing to collect and distribute data, which would be manually rekeyed into the Boeing system. This minimizes the chance for error and reduces the typical seven-day processing cycle by as many as two days. Airlines who previously relied on the telephone, faxes, the postal service, and e-mail to transmit warranty claims now can streamline or even eliminate their office procedures supporting those methods.

In its first quarter of operation, the warranty claims site received 11,000 hits. On average, the time for processing these claims on line was 20 percent shorter than under the traditional system. More than 50 airlines now are making claims on line—a number that we expect to increase to more than 100 by the end of 2002. By that time, we estimate that we will be processing more than 75 percent of claims on line each month.

Advantages of the online service include

  • The ability to attach documents and photographs
    to claims.
  • The ability to enter claim information and save the document in the system before submitting it to Boeing.
  • Automated tracking of warranty information.
  • Immediate claim receipt acknowledgments.
  • Fewer delays in receiving claim remedies.

Claim information such as claim status, claim disposition, open and close dates, credit memo numbers, credit amounts, and credit dates is available on line 24 hours a day. Historical claim information also is available and can be retrieved by claim number, submittal date, service bulletin, part number, or airplane number. In addition, an easy-to-use online look-up page provides warranty contact information for our vendors and a direct link to their web sites for ease in filing supplier warranty claims.

Our new online warranty claim system is designed to give our airline customers a more efficient way to enter and track warranty claims. The results are faster turnaround and response times and fewer duplicate airline submittal processes.

We are excited about our new e-business developments and the opportunities they present to enhance our airline customers' business. We are committed to exploring and
implementing new and improved ways for our customers to submit claims. If you do not already have a MyBoeingFleet account, you can obtain access to the online warranty claim service by contacting MyBoeingFleet by e-mail at DDCS@boeing.com.

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