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In the fourth-quarter 2001 issue of Aero, we published a survey asking readers to evaluate the magazine and make comments and suggestions for its improvement. Although we received fewer responses than we did for the last reader survey, conducted in 1998, the results follow the baseline trends established by our 1998 survey.

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest score, Aero averaged an overall score of 4. The highest scores were seen in the areas of article content, readability, layout, and usefulness. The lowest scores were received in the areas of magazine distribution and the Boeing contact information listed at the back of the magazine.

Figure 1 shows the average scores for the 13 questions posed in the survey. Two scores are presented for each question. The first score is the average rating given by our airline customers, who are the magazine’s primary audience. The second score is the average rating given by all Aero readers, which in addition to airlines, include suppliers, government agencies, airports, aviation industry members, engineering colleges, and international media.

One question scored significantly higher than in the 1998 survey, with the average score increasing from approximately 2.5 to 3.6: “Most people in my work area read Aero on a regular or frequent basis.”

No question saw a significant drop in ratings when compared with the 1998 survey.

The majority of respondents identified their organization as an airline, with most working in flight operations and maintenance. The next largest group of respondents was aviation educators. Other respondents worked for suppliers, repair stations, government agencies, and consultants.

Respondents said they are most likely to read articles on maintenance, flight operations, new technology, engineering, and systems. They also expressed interest in articles on Boeing products and services.

Many respondents provided specific comments on what they like about Aero, what they don’t like, and how the magazine could be improved. Representative comments are listed below:

  • Generally, very informative. Pleased that most info is factual rather than a “we can do no wrong” approach. Strongly suggest an e-mail reminder service for new editions.
  • Excellent publication.
  • On the PDF [portable document format] version of the articles, I would prefer one page of the article on the magazine to correspond to one page on PDF, rather than two. Makes printing easier.
  • I like to read this magazine and improve my knowledge about technical conditions on Boeing airplanes.
  • Greater publication frequency, availability of archived issues in PDF format.
  • Really it is a very good magazine.
  • It is very useful. Thanks.
  • An index of all the articles for the Douglas Service/Airliner/Aero magazines. Source for reprints of the articles/magazines.

In response to reader feedback, we have done or will do the following:

  • Publish an index of Aero articles on the Aero web site (www.boeing.com/Aeromagazine).
  • Provide indices of Airliner and Douglas Service magazines (the predecessors of Aero) by e-mail request (aeromagazine@boeing.com).
  • Reformat the PDF files available on the Aero web site so that magazine pages can be printed individually rather than as two-page spreads (i.e., two facing pages).
  • Provide guidelines for reprinting Aero articles on the Aero web site. (These guidelines already are available on the inside front cover of the print version.)

We are looking into the feasibility of notifying readers of the Aero web version by e-mail when a new issue is published. In the interim, readers may want to set up their own electronic reminders for Jan. 1, April 1, July 1, and Oct. 1. (Aero publishes the first day of each quarter.)

We don’t have any plans today to increase the frequency of Aero. However, this suggestion may be reconsidered at some future date.

The Aero editorial board and technical review committee will review the survey results and your comments to make sure we publish articles in the categories you requested and, when possible, the specific topics you want us to discuss. We thank everyone who took the time to participate in the survey.

—Jill Langer, Editor-in-Chief

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