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One year ago, we opened the Boeing Commercial Airplanes Operations Center in response to customer demand for more integrated and comprehensive around-the-clock airplane support. The Operations Center focuses on urgent airplane in-service issues that require resolution within 24 hours — issues often referred to as “airplane-on-ground,” or “AOG.”
Lou Mancini
Vice President and General Manager
Boeing Commercial Aviation Services

In its first year of operation — with the support of our entire Service Engineering organization and others in Commercial Aviation Services — the center has handled an average of 55 service requests each day and fielded some 150 phone calls. When we first opened the center, we responded to more than 80 percent of customer requests within the time the customer expected. A year later, that same metric now stands at more than 90 percent. And we continue to make improvements to bring us closer to 100 percent on-time performance.

In some ways, the Operations Center can be viewed as a physical manifestation of Boeing’s continued commitment to customer support and how we are more closely aligning our operation to match the way you do business. You told us that you were looking for this type of centralized support because airlines and others in the industry use these centers in their own operations to improve performance. Operations centers are now the industry standard.

Our Operations Center is an outgrowth of the Rapid Response Center, which we formed in 1999 to provide commercial airplane operators with support during nights, weekends, and holidays. The Rapid Response Center’s off-hours capability supplemented the ongoing daytime support of our technical experts in Service Engineering. Now, with our Operations Center, all urgent requests — day or night — are coordinated through one centralized area — with the goal of providing you, our valued customer, with better quality responses in shorter time.

Lou Mancini - Vice President and General Manager
The engineering staff at the Operations Center uses the latest technology to track, minute-by-minute, the status of urgent in-service requests from airlines around the world.

How the center works
When you contact the Operations Center, you talk with a controller, who is responsible for all incoming work to the center. You and the controller discuss and define the issue. The controller then works with functional leads — representing structures, systems, spares, and other disciplines — to develop options to resolve the issue. Following this collaboration, you and the controller reach a joint decision on the optimum solution. Boeing then starts work to fulfill your request within the agreed-upon time, and the performance of the center is measured against that exact time — to the minute — until the job is complete.

How to submit requests
There are three ways that customers submit requests to the Operations Center:

Customers may follow up their request with a telephone call to the Operations Center at 206-544-7500, or wait for one of the controllers on duty to call when the controller receives the request.

What to include in a request

You can find out more at our Operations Center Web site at

If you haven’t already had the opportunity to visit our Operations Center, I invite you to tour the facility the next time you are in the Seattle area. We welcome your interest and rely on your feedback to ensure that we are meeting — and, we hope, exceeding — your expectations.

The Operations Center is an essential part of our customer support commitment to you. We look forward to answering your in-service requests with speed, ease, and a positive attitude.

Lou Mancini
Vice President and General Manager
Boeing Commercial Aviation Services