The goal of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight and maintenance training is to provide a digital training experience for students, along with real-time, current support data that can be accessed by pilots and mechanics for recurrent training in the field and for online troubleshooting by the mechanic.

The new support data available on the 787, along with access via the Web portal MyBoeingFleet.com, allows for more efficient, high-quality training, and distance learning via the Internet, following formal training.

For more information, please contact Capt. Al Nader at alfred.h.nader@boeing.com or Kelli Whaley at kelli.whaley@alteontraining.com.

The Three Pillars of
787 Maintenance Training

Foundation Training
includes an initial assessment of a student's level of knowledge and a subsequent "prescription" of training materials to prepare the student for classroom (i.e., formal) training. This ensures the student's understanding of certain system concepts (such as central maintenance computer or engine indicating and crew alerting system messages) before the formal classroom training begins. The foundation training is delivered on a digital video disk (DVD) or via the Internet. Alteon's learning management system monitors the results of a student's assessment test, determines training modules that must be taken, and monitors completion of these modules.
Formal Training
is the classroom portion of the training. The training includes instructor-led sessions, student-paced computer-based training, and a series of troubleshooting exercises that are line maintenance scenarios. Assessments, including exams and other methods of evaluation, are given throughout the training to measure student achievement of the objectives and to assess student performance using the electronic troubleshooting and data support tools, such as the Maintenance Performance Toolbox. The students' proficiency in obtaining data is also monitored to ensure they are using the Toolbox efficiently. This provides an assessment of how well students will perform required tasks when they return to their jobs.
Future Training
is the ability to access maintenance support data to provide just-in-time training at the point of use for 787 maintenance personnel. All maintenance support data used for training is accessible by the airlines' mechanics and engineers at any time. Boeing also will research future training opportunities to assist the airlines (i.e., creating training for a new change to the airplane).


  • Flight Deck Tour
    Take a virtual tour of the 787 flight deck and its performance-enhancing technologies.
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  • The New 787 Airplane and Training Technology (.pdf)
    The training modules for the 787 Dreamliner are as innovative as the new airplane. This PDF explains the philosophy behind the new approach and outlines the opportunities for more efficient training footprints for both pilots and mechanics.
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