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The introduction of an electronic replacement for the paper logbook is a significant change. Boeing has been working closely with the FAA and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) during development. While FAA and EASA guidance on approval of EFB applications include the ELB (Advisory Circular 120-76A/TGL36A), many of the details (such as revisions, signatures, and data retention) are not specifically covered. Boeing provides support for the operational approval of the ELB application. This includes the airborne- and ground-provided components.

Boeing ELBs
EFB Technical Electronic Logbook   Includes fault reporting and logbook database containing flight log, fault reports, maintenance actions, deferrals, release and servicing records — all synchronized with a ground database.
EFB Cabin Electronic Logbook   Includes cabin crew fault reporting form for cabin and in-flight entertainment faults, which are synchronized with the EFB Technical Electronic Logbook. These critical faults (such as an inoperable cabin public address system) are flagged to the flight crew, which does not see all of the other cabin faults.
EFB Ground Module   Consists of a database hosted locally by the airline and/or by Boeing that contains fleet logbook history. An interface is provided into the database for use by ground personnel, such as maintenance control and dispatch. This function allows the entry of maintenance action and release information remotely from the airplane.

Mechanic ELB Application


Provides visibility of new faults to be worked and allows entry of maintenance action and release information on the airplane itself.

Boeing EFB and ELB products are available to operators of most Boeing models as options. An EFB and the ELB application will be standard on all Boeing 787 Dreamliner models. The standard 787 implementation will include the Technical Logbook, Cabin Logbook, MyBoeingFleet.com-hosted ground application, and the Mechanic ELB Application.

Download This Article (PDF - 221 KB)