New Enhanced Service Bulletins
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Lean work instructions

One of the most apparent changes in the enhanced service bulletin is that figure instructions are provided in a work breakdown of four hours or fewer. This makes it possible for airlines to schedule mechanics’ time more efficiently and reduces the coordination difficulties associated with work shift changeover.

Each figure in the enhanced service bulletin is a single configuration. Previously, multiple configurations were typically shown in a figure. This required the airline engineer, planner, or mechanic to extract the steps applicable to the specific airplane. One configuration per figure simplifies extraction of the applicable data and can prevent accomplishment of the wrong steps. Additionally, separate left and right side figures are now provided, which further facilitates extraction of the applicable data.

Faster access to essential information

When viewed online, Boeing’s enhanced service bulletins include hotlinks within their text that provide direct access to referenced documents, making it easier and faster to find the information needed. For example, hotlinks provide quick access to relevant information in the Airplane Maintenance Manual (AMM), Structural Repair Manual (SRM), and other documents available on the Web portal MyBoeingFleet.com.

Improved kit packaging

Enhanced service bulletin kits are packaged to match the figure instructions. If operators use the service bulletin instructions as written, this new packaging eliminates additional repackaging or sorting through parts. This change alone can result in a significant time savings in both the operations and maintenance arenas.

Selective information extraction

Enhanced service bulletins enable airline personnel to extract information specific to selected airplane configurations. This allows an airline to more quickly identify and extract service bulletin information specific to its airplane configuration. Once the data is extracted, it can easily be copied into an airline’s own document management system.

Download This Article (PDF - 628Kb)