New Enhanced Service Bulletins
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Boeing worked with airlines to validate the benefits of the enhanced service bulletin. As part of that effort, Boeing coordinated closely with one airline to study the predicted benefits of the enhanced service bulletin. Study data from the airline showed these predicted benefits:

Based on the positive results of the study data, Boeing continued to work closely with the same airline to collect actual labor hour benefits. The actual data was obtained by comparing airline incorporation of a conventional service bulletin on part of its fleet and an enhanced version of the same service bulletin on the remainder of its fleet. Data from the airline showed these actual results:


To date, Boeing has issued more than 1,300 service bulletins across all Boeing model airplanes with one or more of the four key features described above. Boeing has been working with a number of airlines to assist in the adoption and implementation of enhanced service bulletins into their operations as well as to obtain airline user feedback. Such feedback is key to adding improvements to the enhanced service bulletins.


Boeing understands that each airline’s maintenance operation is unique and is willing to work with individual airlines to ensure that each leverages all of the benefits possible from enhanced service bulletins and that the bulletins fit well with existing airline operations. Airlines may contact their Boeing Field Service Representative for assistance in adopting enhanced service bulletins. For more information, contact Dan Pedersen at dan.w.pedersen@boeing.com.

Download This Article (PDF - 628Kb)