In memoriam: Al Lloyd<
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A man who loved airplanes and firmly believed that going the extra mile for a customer was just the way we do business at Boeing, Alwyn "Al" Lloyd passed away Tuesday, May 29, 2007.

Al was a top-notch engineer with an encyclopedic knowledge of Boeing products, a combination that proved invaluable when he was editor of the Boeing Airliner (predecessor of AERO) and more recently as a senior service engineer for Boeing Commercial Aviation Services and a member of the Boeing Corporate History Council.

Al's motto of "we do the difficult immediately but the impossible may take a bit longer" endeared him to the airline customers that he supported and helped to keep those customers loyal to Boeing.

Outside of his work at Boeing, Al was a highly respected aviation historian and very successful author to a worldwide audience of aviation profes­sionals, enthusiasts, historians, and modelers.

Al served in the U.S. Air Force and was a former president of the Air Force Association. He wrote many books and articles on Air Force history including a comprehensive history of the Strategic Air Command, A Cold War Legacy, which is considered to be the best history of that famous organization.

Al's enthusiasm for aviation and dedication to Boeing and its customers will be greatly missed.

— Michael Lombardi, Boeing Corporate Historian