Qantas Honors Rich Culture with Indigenous Livery 737-800

The Qantas Group paired art and aviation to unveil an exquisite Indigenous livery dressing the airline's latest Next-Generation 737-800 aircraft. This brilliant design was inspired by the work "Medicine Pocket" crafted by the late West Australian Aboriginal painter, Paddy Bedford. The original piece is a scenic portrayal of the Mendoowoorrji region, Paddy Bedford's mother's country. The aircraft was named Mendoowoorrji to honor Paddy Bedford and the rich Aboriginal culture.

Qantas, Balarinji Design Studio, Bedford Trust and the National Gallery of Australia teamed up to create Mendoowoorrji. The aircraft is the fourth in the Qantas flying art series that began in 1994 with the "Wunala Dreaming" 747 aircraft.

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