Technician Outlook: 2017 - 2036

Global fleet growth will continue to drive a strong demand for technicians to repair and maintain the airplanes. Newer generation airplanes will help moderate the demand somewhat by allowing longer intervals between maintenance checks, fewer non-routine tasks, and improved airplane reliability.

As airlines continue to take delivery of new airplanes, advances in airplane technology will drive an increased need for technicians skilled in avionics, composites, and digital troubleshooting.

The need for maintenance personnel is largest in the Asia Pacific region, which will require 256,000 new technicians. Airlines in North America will require 118,000, Europe 111,000, the Middle East 66,000, Latin America 49,000, CIS / Russia 25,000, and Africa 23,000.

Technician Outlook by Region Chart

Technician Outlook by Region Map