Training and Professional Services: 2017 - 2026

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The training and professional services market includes pilot provisioning, aircrew and maintenance training services including design, development and production of devices and courseware; and management of secure, mission critical facility operations.  The ten year market is forecasted to be $420B growing at 1.8% annually.

Trends in the design, development, and production of training devices and courseware are intended to improve effectiveness of learning. Advances in live virtual constructive (LVC) are making it easier to connect pilots in the sky with simulators on the ground and reduce the use of aircraft for training purposes. Distributed synthetic training environments (STE) allow for more flexible, point-of-need training options that look and feel consistent for users anywhere in the world. Adaptive learning capabilities customize training packages to the individual learner so that instant assessments pinpoint which concepts have been learned and which need to be reinforced.

Market Trends

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