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Boeing and Aviation Safety
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Runway Situation Awareness Tools

Helping pilots prevent runway overrun excursions

At Boeing and Embraer, helping pilots prevent runway overrun excursions is a top safety focus area. There isn't just one factor that causes overruns, nor is there one simple solution to prevent them.

To help pilots adapt, Boeing and Embraer have partnered to develop and provide a shared set of flight-deck guiding and alerting tools along with new procedures and training aids for pilots.

The foundation for the Runway Situation Awareness Tools is the long-standing philosophy of both Boeing and Embraer to respect pilot control, and help pilots make timelier, better informed decisions that support safe approaches and landings.

From the approach planning phase through landing rollout and deceleration, the Runway Situation Awareness Tools provide a combination of solutions to reduce runway excursions.

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Runway Situation Awareness Tools

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