First 737 MAX 7 takes shape in final assembly

The third and smallest member of Boeing's new single-aisle airplane family comes together in Renton, Wash.

December 07, 2017 in Our Commitment

The first 737 MAX 7 — now in Final Assembly at Boeing’s factory in Renton, Wash. — is coming together ahead of schedule.

The smallest of Boeing's new single-aisle family of airplanes, the MAX 7 is designed for efficiency, range and flexibility, Boeing says. It’s ideal for operators who need to service airports in remote destinations, including airports at high altitude or hot locations, and low-cost carriers that have routes requiring less than 200 seats.

Although it looks similar to a Next-Generation 737-700, the design features of the MAX 7 — including LEAP-1B engines, distinctive Advanced Technology winglets and other improvements -- will help it fly 500 nautical miles (575 miles) farther on 5 percent lower fuel costs per seat.

The first MAX 7 will roll out of the factory early next year and will be one of two test airplanes. The first MAX 7 is scheduled to be delivered in 2019.

By Elizabeth Merida