Executive Biography of Ihssane Mounir

Ihssane Mounir

Ihssane Mounir
Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing
Commercial Airplanes and Services

Ihssane Mounir is vice president, Global Sales & Marketing for Commercial Airplanes and Services. Appointed to this position in 2016, Mounir is responsible for the sales of commercial airplanes and related services to airlines and leasing customers across all markets worldwide.

Mounir has held several high level positions within Boeing’s Sales organization. For over five years, Mounir served as vice president of Sales for Northeast Asia, responsible for leading sales in the world’s largest and fastest growing market. Mounir and his team managed airline customer relationships and market development in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Mounir previously served as vice president of Marketing, Sales Strategy and Operations.

Prior to that assignment, Mounir led Commercial Airplane Sales efforts in many regions across the world. Mounir previously served as vice president of Sales for Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean.

Mounir was also the business director and deputy vice president of Sales for the Europe, Russia and Central Asia region, a role he assumed after he served as sales director for East, West and North Africa. He has served as sales director for British Airways and Ethiopian Airlines, amongst many other customer accounts worldwide.

Mounir joined Boeing as a senior aerodynamics engineer in 1997. He received Bachelors and Masters degrees in aerospace engineering from Wichita State University.

Throughout his career, Mounir has contributed to the aerospace community by authoring papers in the field of experimental and applied aerodynamics. His work and research has been honored with several awards by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Mounir serves on the National Advisory Board of Wichita State University, as well as the Advisory Board of the university’s School of Engineering. He is married with four children.