Additional Testing Services

Boeing Technology Services can provide access to more than 500 testing facilities with a wide range of capabilities and locations. If you have a testing requirement, no matter how large or small, Boeing probably has a facility that will meet or exceed your requirements.

The laboratories listed above, such as Metrology, Flammability, Material Inspection/Revalidation, and Nondestructive Inspection, can be reached directly with the contact information provided in the links.

For the other test facilities listed above, or for any testing requirements that you do not see listed here, please click the Request More Information link below to contact Boeing Technology Services for the right testing capability for your requirements.

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Accredited Calibration and Measurement Solutions Provider

Metrology is the science of measurement, and accurate measurements establish the basis for state-of-the-art science and technology.

The Boeing Metrology group provides traceable calibration, repair, and maintenance services for measurement and test equipment and engineering support for measurement solutions. When metrology resources and equipment are not supporting Boeing requirements, the Metrology group can accept work from other companies. With resources available at multiple locations, including one of the only gain extrapolation antenna calibration facilities in the nation, we can provide a large variety of measurement and test equipment capabilities. A subset of the metrology capability is accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVAP Lab Code 200762).

To inquire about the availability of these services, contact Boeing Technology Services or request a quote online.

Learn more information about NVLAP-accredited parameters.

Metrology Lab Contact
Patty Beszhak,

    Boeing Research and Technology Flammability Lab

    The Flammability Lab's FAA-designated Test Witness Only Authorized Representatives (TWOAR) serve internal and external customers for aircraft flammability certification testing. TWOARs are authorized to conduct and witness certification testing for Boeing aircraft programs only.

    TWOARs support all test methods in FAR 25.853 and FAR 25.856. All flammability test units are FAA approved. The Flammability Lab also supports engineering research and material qualification testing.

    Flammability Lab Test Methods:

    1. Ohio State University (OSU) heat release rate.
    2. Bunsen burner.
    3. Smoke density and toxicity.
    4. Radiant panel.

    Flammability Lab Contact
    Dennis Miller,

      Material Inspection and Revalidation

      The Auburn Nonmetals Lab performs receiving inspection and revalidation testing on a wide variety of aerospace materials. The materials include adhesives, composites, paints, preimpregnated materials, sealants, rubbers, adhesive tapes, and many others, which are defined in the Boeing family of material specifications (BMS, DMS, HMS, and MMS). Revalidation testing is performed according to the appropriate process specification requirements.

      The lab has a wide variety of immediately available test equipment, which allows it to perform the necessary testing quickly and efficiently. The equipment includes the following:

      • Analytical instruments High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography (GC), Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR).
      • Autoclave ovens, humidity chambers, presses (including resin-flow presses), muffle furnaces, and water baths.
      • Mechanical preparation equipment (router, bridge saw, band saws, grinder, and a drill press).
      • Fume hood for resin-content and areal-weight testing.
      • Fume hood for BSS 7230 flammability and flash-point testing.
      • Spray booth for paint and primer test-panel production.
      • Brookfield and other viscometers, burst tester, titration equipment (for amine content).

      Materials Lab Contact
      John Ralston,

        Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) Consulting Services and Equipment

        The expertise of Boeing NDI personnel are available via BTS to help you ensure that your NDI systems are:

        • Cost-effective
        • Rate-capable
        • Qualified for inspection per Boeing specifications

        Boeing NDI personnel have decades of experience in all types of NDI systems from hand held to automated gantry systems. They have successfully qualified Boeing NDI systems for Boeing factories and suppliers around the world.

        Products available via BTS include:

        • System requirements development
        • System selection for rate and cost
        • System integration
        • Qualification support
        • Training
        • Customized inspection system improvements.

        Non-Destructive Inspection Contact
        Mike Schoffstall,

          Materials and Processes Testing

          Boeing has more than 95 fully staffed facilities dedicated to a broad range of materials testing and process development work. We have the capability to perform a vast array of tests on a wide variety of materials. Our highly skilled engineering and technical staff supports you every step of the way.

          Testing capabilities include the following:

          • Analytical chemistry
          • Ceramics
          • Chemical process development
          • Coordinate measurement machine system analysis
          • Computerized tomography scanning
          • Composites and bonding
          • Corrosion
          • Cutter analysis
          • Digital radiography
          • Damage tolerance
          • Electrical systems
          • Environmental conditioning
          • Failure analysis
          • Fastener and bearing fatigue
          • Finishes and sealants
          • Flammability
          • Fluid and lubricant image analysis
          • Magnetic particle dye penetrants
          • Microscopic and metallurgical analysis
          • Modal analysis
          • Mechanical properties
          • Rapid prototyping
          • Robotic system evaluation
          • Selective laser sintering
          • Static
          • Superplastic forming
          • Vision and sensor optical measurement and metrology


          Non-Destructive Inspection Contact
          Mike Schoffstall,

            Virtual Reality (VR) Simulation

            The Boeing Philadelphia Modeling, Simulation & Analysis Center is equipped with two state-of-the-art Motion Capture and Virtual Reality labs. These facilities enable users to fully immerse themselves in a virtual environment to interact with designs before any physical prototyping or actual production has begun.

            Motion-tracking systems track the precise position and movement of humans and props in real time. These motions are then mapped onto avatars and objects in the virtual environment for analysis. Ergonomics software provides continuous feedback regarding joint stress, fatigue, andthe feasibility of performing a given task.

            Head-mounted display systems provide participants with a fully immersive, three-dimensional view of the virtual environment, making participants feel as if they are truly interacting with the models. This capability has proved to be highly effective at the following:

            • Visualizing and evaluating designs early in the design life cycle.
            • Supporting human factors evaluation of maintainability and usability.
            • Promoting safety through ergonomic risk analysis.

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