Many Scenarios, Countless Conditions

Sometimes, you need to fly somewhere to get test results. Sometimes, simulation is better. Sometimes, your airplane needs an experienced flight test crew. Stop once at Boeing to get the where, the how -- and the who.

Engine water ingestion, cross-wind approaches, fly-over noise. When you need to test the hardware and the systems in the air and on the ground, where are you going to get those conditions and those results with a safe and controlled setting? Come to Boeing to find out. When requirements demand multiple scenarios for responsive flight software and controls under countless conditions, how will you get the essential multi-purpose simulation experience and fidelity? Come to Boeing to find out.

In-service airplanes are enormous and complex. Hardware, systems, and controls are scrutinized by their owners and regulatory agencies. Functional check flights are critical to performance and confidence. Who will provide airframe and operational expertise? Come to Boeing to find out.

Boeing works for you.

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Functional Check Flight Course

A functional check flight (FCF) is a nonrevenue flight that determines whether an aircraft is functioning according to established standards.

This course, taught by Boeing test pilots, introduces operators of Boeing 737NG, 747, 767, 777, and 787 airplanes to the philosophies, processes, and procedures that Boeing uses to test and deliver its airplanes. The course also provides the foundation for safe operations and teaches them to complete FCFs.

This course covers the following:

  • The differences between FCF and revenue flights
  • The knowledge and skills necessary to conduct a safe, efficient, and thorough FCF
  • Specific ground and in-flight system checks
  • Flight simulator and airplane training

Course Schedule

  • Days 1 and 2: General and FCF-specific ground instruction using a flight training device or simulator
  • Day 3: Simulator Training - Normal familiarization FCF checks
  • Day 4: Simulator Training – Non-normal FCF checks
  • Day 5: Within 30 days of class. Flight with a Boeing pilot

    Flight Test Facility

    The Boeing Glasgow Flight Test Facility is available for commercial, private, and unmanned aerial vehicle aircraft testing, including flyover noise, stability and control, flutter clearance, thrust reverser, lapse rate takeoffs, taxi, landing go-arounds, water spray, autolands and autopilot, GPS, and fuel system drainage and jettison. The main runway is 13,500 feet long by 300 feet wide, with 1,000 feet of overrun on both ends.

    This facility is dedicated to flight testing with no scheduled flights or general aviation traffic to interfere with your testing and test results.

    This former Air Force base, 17 miles north of the town of Glasgow in Northeast Montana, offers you total on-site testing support and the following:

    • Operational instrument landing system
    • Seven large hangars
    • Threshold lighting available at all intensities
    • Fully operational lighting
    • Optimal temperature and humidity conditions
    • VHF radio base stations
    • Fully equipped offices and conference rooms
    • Fueling service
    • Fire protection
    • 24-hour security
    • Local transportation and auto rental
    • Local-area or on-site lodging and food service

      Multipurpose Simulation Cab

      The Multipurpose Cab (M-Cab) facility provides high-fidelity pilot cueing in a flexible flight deck environment that can be configured to represent any Boeing airplane.

      It can be used to do the following:

      • Assess handling
      • Assess flight control systems
      • Develop and integrate flight deck displays
      • Develop and evaluate crew workload and procedures
      • Study system and subsystem failure
      • Provide FAA, Joint Aviation Authorities, and other system certification
      • Evaluate pilots
      • Investigate accidents and incidents

      M-Cab capabilities include the following:

      • Six-degrees-of-freedom motion base
      • Simulation capability for any airplane model
      • Representative flight deck with three flat-panel displays for graphical representations
      • Mechanically interchangeable aisle stand and throttle quadrants
      • Projected out-the-window visual scene that encompasses 180 degrees laterally and 40 degrees vertically
      • Scene generation using PC image-generation technology
      • A digital control loading system that provides a flexible, high-fidelity modeling of any flight control system
      • Development capability for graphical elements

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