Round-the-Clock Support for Boeing

Shared Services provides Boeing's business units and corporate offices with common internal services that support the company's global operations. These services include maintaining and protecting Boeing's worldwide sites; managing the sale and acquisition of all leased and owned property; purchasing the company's non-production equipment and supplies; delivering a variety of human resources-related services to current and former employees; recruiting and hiring for the enterprise; managing the company's finance, business / accounting, travel and expense services; and delivering creative communication services.

The Finance & Business organization is responsible for Shared Services' accounting, financial planning and cost-management functions. They provide accounts payable and payroll services to all Boeing business units, as well as providing travel services to Boeing, its subsidiaries and joint ventures.

Enterprise Services includes a portfolio of domestic and international business, communications and HR Services. Among the services provided are: health services, global staffing services, creative services solutions, records and information management, global transportation logistics, global radiofrequency spectrum services and support, food services, commuting services and programs that assist our workforce with their benefits and well-being needs.

Security & Fire Protection is responsible for providing global risk management services and standards to protect Boeing’s people, property, and information and support business resiliency. This includes responsibility for meeting national security standards; sustaining strong relationships with external organizations domestically and internationally; insuring appropriate business continuity plans in the event of a work disruption; and maintaining and monitoring site security for our business partners around the globe.

Site Services is the largest organization within Shared Services. Roughly 4,000 employees provide nearly 40 unique services around the clock, keeping Boeing going. With an operating budget of more than $3 billion, Site Services plays a key role in leveraging economies of scale to deliver value to Boeing business partners in Commercial Airplanes and Defense, Space & Security.

The Site Services organization is responsible for providing the following major services to The Boeing Company: Maintenance of Boeing buildings and infrastructure, real estate and integrated property planning, project implementation and construction. Site Services also provides services related to conservation and energy management, and parking, licensed transportation, surplus and reclamation services, and mail. Site Services facilitates international site operations as well.

Supplier Management is responsible for the purchase of all non-production goods and services used by The Boeing Company. This purchasing includes manufacturing and facility tools and supplies; transportation, construction and maintenance services; computing and information technology; plus financial and employee services. Supplier Management also works with small business and women- and minority-owned business enterprises and business development organizations to expand the capabilities and opportunities for this important sector of the economy. Supplier Management uses the combined purchasing power of the entire Boeing Company to negotiate contracts that deliver value to the enterprise. Supplier Management employs approximately 300 people at various U.S. and international sites.