Corporate Citizenship Report 2009

Corporate Citizenship Defined

Defining the 3-circles chart

Adapted from Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

Boeing engages with and impacts the world in many different ways - through its products and services, its business practices and its community engagement.  Corporate citizenship comprises all of these elements.

Like all businesses, Boeing has a responsibility to its stakeholders – including the communities where its employees live and work, and globally where its products are used – to be a good “corporate citizen” and lead by example.

Citizenship is not just about corporate philanthropy or volunteerism.  It is the means by which companies truly engage with and contribute toward the development of the communities within which they operate, and on which they ultimately depend.

At Boeing, our Global Corporate Citizenship program seeks to ensure that we create positive changes.  We do this through the products and services we develop and the way we operate our business in the interconnected world in which we live.

Sharing our expertise

By sharing the same skills and knowledge we use on the job to help others be successful, we demonstrate how corporate citizenship is as much a part of our culture as our expertise in flight and technology.

Partnering with others

Around the world, we collaborate with a variety of partners on innovative programs that will teach, shelter, nourish, motivate and inspire people for years to come.

Impacting key issues

Communities are complex systems so our corporate citizenship initiatives focus on those aspects that sustain a healthy and vibrant community.

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