Corporate Citizenship Report 2009



a student at the Beijing Second Experimental Primary School, is shown holding the 787 Dreamliner model that he won at Boeing's Soaring with Your Dream event in June 2009.


Thousands of Boeing employees watch the first 787 Dreamliner lift off Dec. 15 from Paine Field in Everett, Wash.

"We are trustees of a veritable revolution that is taking place once more in the economic, social, and political fabric with the advent of this new speed medium."
-- William E.Boeing, founder, The Boeing Company

Innovation has been central to The Boeing Company since its beginning in 1903, and that spirit still drives us today. From the earliest days of commercial aviation, through the space program, to today’s revolutionary 787 and into the future, innovation has driven our products, services and people.

Within this report you will see stories of how our company; our products, services and people are making a difference in the world by sharing our expertise, partnering with others and impacting key issues. Each of these stories is an illustration of a new idea, method or process that tackles a community need.

The skills and processes used in operating a successful business are universal – it’s all about working smart and streamlining processes. Boeing uses LEAN+ throughout our enterprise and some employees are now taking LEAN+ practices and training into local hospitals, food banks and zoos to help them achieve significant savings in time and money.

Boeing has partnered with Engineers Without Borders-USA which pairs the talents and skills of professional engineers with the energy and interests of college students to work closely with underserved communities and villages around the world developing sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions to provide clean water, energy, sanitation and accessibility.

The world is currently facing a shortage of students pursuing careers in math, science, engineering and technology. In order to continue exploring the mysteries of space, designing new aircraft, enabling medical research, and building computers and satellites, we will require new generations of scientists and mathematicians. Two exciting, innovative programs with lasting impact that provide students and teachers with hands-on experience to ignite their interest in engineering and technology are Space Camp and FIRST Robotics.

New airplanes roll off the production line year round at the Boeing plants. From there they will fly to their new owners to begin commercial flight service. Boeing has developed a unique program that works in partnership with our customers and local non-government organizations to make special use of the empty cargo space on a new plane, filling it with needed Humanitarian supplies that can then be distributed to areas in need.

Throughout our company and communities, Boeing takes climate change seriously. Two programs highlighted here bring a new approach to educating people about how they can minimize their impact on climate and the environment. In partnership with Alenia Aeronautica, a new curriculum called, Natural..mente Scuola, has been developed in the Puglia region of Italy. It introduces school children, who are now forming lifelong habits, to ways to preserve our environment. Another program, The Natural Step, helps small, minority- and women-owned suppliers set targets for reducing their own environmental footprints.

A group called Homeboy Industries in east Los Angeles, CA has found a way to combine job training, environmental improvement and new life opportunities into an impressive program that’s giving former gang members and others new hope for the future.

Bridging cultural traditions and a lack of information poses an enormous problem for women battling cancer in Malaysia. Boeing found an innovative way to collaborate with KanWork to support the Cancer Research Education Center which provides information, support and counseling, and fills a critical need in this underserved community.

There are thousands more stories large and small throughout Boeing of our people, our partners and our company bringing innovation to the work we do every day to make the world a better place. These stories are just a sample to provide insight into how, why and where we invest our time, talents and resources. We are Boeing in the world.